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Metal roof system
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Metal roof system

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Seven-color roofing system is a kind of vertical seam roof profiled board, which has excellent look and feel and excellent performance. It is easy and quick to install, does not need perforation, keeps the board intact, and has excellent waterproof performance.

The seven-color aluminum alloy series roof panels are formed by continuous rolling of aluminum alloy coils, which can be produced and processed on site to produce a length that meets the requirements without longitudinal overlap, eliminating the hidden danger of roof leakage.

Seven-color aluminum alloy series roofing system, the main material is continuous rolling of 3004, 3005 aluminum-magnesium-manganese-aluminum alloy coils, and the coating production process is advanced equipment imported from Taiwan, American technology, and precision coating is carried out in a closed and dust-free state. After being pressed, the coated aluminum coil can be directly processed into roof slabs at the construction site, which is easy and quick to install, without longitudinal overlap, and the board surface remains intact; the seven-color metal roof system also has excellent wind pressure resistance and vertical lock Behind the edge can eliminate the stress caused by thermal expansion and contraction, there is no tension or deformation, the whole system has no penetrating holes, high corrosion resistance, and waterproof performance. At present, the product model covers straight slabs, fan-shaped slabs, positive bending slabs, and fan-bending slabs, providing designers with a variety of choices to fully meet the architectural design concept. With the development of society, the metal roof system has gradually become the new star of the industry!

System form

1. Standard roof system;

2. Multifunctional roof system;

3. Large-span roof system;

4. Multifunctional composite roof system

5. Double-layer roof system.

System characteristics

1. There is no connection port, no screw hole, and the appearance of the building is complete;

2. It can be bent into inner arc and outer arc;

3. Different materials and colors can be selected;

4. The overall structural waterproof and drainage function;

5. It can be used for roofs with a slope as small as 1.5°;

6. Excellent resistance to wind pressure (with bottom plate), especially suitable for areas with more typhoons and heavy rains;

7. It can eliminate the stress caused by thermal expansion and contraction;

8. Simple and fast machine winding, convenient and economical construction;

9. It is convenient to lay the insulation and sound-absorbing layer;

10. No chemical caulking glue is needed, avoiding pollution and aging problems;

11. The roof does not need maintenance;

12. It can be produced on the construction site, without overlap, and the roof has a strong integrity;

13. Design of cold and hot bridge, ventilation and moisture-proof design. 

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