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Dong'e blue sky and  seven color  building materials co., ltd


Dong'e blue sky and  seven color  building materials co., ltd  was founded in 2003, specializing in aluminum curtain wall products for 20 years, has the subcompany Sichuan seven new building materials Co., Dong'e blue sky and seven metal material limited company, product updates from the traditional aluminum plate, aluminum veneer curtain wall materials and installation to the high-end system iteration development and lead aluminum curtain wall industry the.

Through the introduction of advanced concept of the integration of two intelligent manufacturing, with the help of ERP, intelligent PLM, MES and other software applications, built from the customer to the factory information platform, intelligent production and marketing mode of the whole process of data driven, over many years of information island situation.

A series of reforms will not only improve the company annual sales to 1 billion yuan, and provides direction for the operation of the industry "Internet plus".

30 million

Registered capital

18 years

Founded in 2003


Shandong market share

500 million

Annual sales exceed


Seven color products have also passed international CE certification, British Royal UKAS international quality management system certification, British product quality international INTERTEK certification testing, SGS product certification and SIRIM QAS international inspection BS fire protection certification.
The seven-color series of products have successively become: China Famous Brand, Shandong Famous Trademark, China Well-known Trademark, National Top Ten Decorative High-quality Sheets, International Famous Brands, Green Building Materials Products, China Building Materials CTC Certified Products, National Famous Brands of Building Decoration Materials, Chinese Designers Top ten trusted architectural decorative panels, selected products for China's green buildings.

Dong'e blue sky and  seven color  building materials co., ltd

Create a model for intelligent manufacturing in the metal curtain wall industry

Design software PDM, MES, ERP, APS, intelligent park information interconnection in the direction of digital workshop/smart factory/industry benchmarking

Dong'e blue sky and  seven color  building materials co., ltd


As a manufacturer specializing in the production of decorative materials such as Qise brand aluminum-plastic panels, aluminum veneers, and metal roofing systems, we are committed to customizing many overall solutions for building decoration materials for customers. The leading products such as aluminum veneer and aluminum composite panel developed and produced by the company are sold all over the country. At the same time, the products are exported to more than 40 countries and regions such as Russia, Canada, Germany, Brazil, Australia, Indonesia, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East. It has a high reputation and a high degree of market recognition for its products.

The Shandong Institute of Physical Education, Xinjiang Turpan International Hotel, Beijing International Trade Center Phase III, and Xi’an Xianyang Airport Toll Station built by Qise Products have also been rated as high-quality demonstration projects for the application of aluminum-plastic composite materials in the country! The new building of China Central Television and the terminal building of Beijing Capital International Airport contracted by the company were also rated as the "Top Ten Constructions in the World".

Dong'e blue sky and  seven color  building materials co., ltd


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International Trade Phone:0635-3584833

Market complaint telephone:0635-3584281

Dong'e blue sky and  seven color  building materials co., ltd

Headquarters address:

Daqiao Town, Dong'e County, Shandong Province

Sichuan factory address:

No. 345, Tengfei 3rd Road, Southwest Airport Industrial Concentration Zone, Shuangliu, Chengdu, Sichuan

Dong'e blue sky and  seven color  building materials co., ltd


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