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Aluminum solid panel

Aluminum solid panel

SEVEN’s solid aluminum cladding sheet is a well known product in China. For instance, they are used in CCTV Beijing, Terminal 3 Beijing Airport, SOHO Beijing project etc.

These panels are made from high quality aluminum sheets and coated with well known PVDF paint such as PPG, Akzo Nobel and Nippon paint. Besides PVDF paint, these panels can also be supplied with powder coated paint.

1, Aluminum; Alloy 1100 and 3003
2, aluminum thickness: 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm
3, Coating( Paint and Powder): PVDF 70% Knyar500/Hylar5000
4,Coating thickness: 30-50um 5. Color:  SEVEN color charts, RAL, PANTON color. or provide us color sample to match colors.

Aluminum single sheet product according to the client design, including flat sheet, arc, bow and other special shape 

1,Light weight, high rigidity and strength  2,Good anti-weathering and anti-corrosiveness properties  3,Good processing quality, able to be processed into various complicated shapes such     as plane , arc and spherical surface .  4,Wide selection of colors, good decoration effect  5,Easy to be cleaned and maintained  6,Easy and quick in installation solid panel can be divided into common flat sheet and irregular sheet in terms of shape. 

Curtain wall 
Column and roof beam decoration, balcony and separation wall decoration 
Interior decoration 
Advertising and brand board 
Carriage and furniture 
Exhibiting booth 
Instrument panel and device exterior case