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Aluminum color coated coil

Aluminum color coated coil

The aluminium coil manufactured by SEVEN uses the chemical materials and high-technology of Germany's Henkel Company to clean the surfaces of the aluminium coils. The synthesised working line washes away all impurities attached to the surfaces of the rolls, including the removal of magnesium, silicon and copper traces.

The synthesised aluminium coils are painted with various colours depending on the demands of customers. By using the best stainless aluminium boards and KYNAR-500 fluorocarbon resin coating, this allows the product to remain shiny and in good condition regardless of the external environment.

The coils are painted in a vacuum sealed and dirt free environment. When the paint is applied it is controlled for its texture, exterior appearance and quality. The furnace is separated into four areas, thus the painting procedures achieves the highest quality in stain resistance, rigidity and temper. This ensures the product has a shiny lustre, easy application and long lasting colour.

Technical Specification of Aluminum Coated Coil

1.      Aluminum coil width: 200mm—1,590mm

2.      Aluminum material thickness: 0.08mm—1.2mm(+/-0.02mm)

3.      Outer diameter of aluminum coil: <=1,200mm

4.      Aluminum coil weight: <=3,000kg/coil

5.      The aluminum coated coil can be cut into sheets in any size

6.      Aluminum alloy: 1100, 3003, 3004, 5005,or others according to customers’ requirements

Application of Aluminum Coated Coil

The aluminum coated coil can be apply to the surface of aluminum composite panels and aluminum honeycomb panels, ceilings, roofing system, wall cladding system, advertising boards, etc..