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The award-winning works

Award-winning projects of SEVEN Curtain Wall Panel

Year Projects Name Awards Product Q'ty() Color
2004  Shandong Sports College China building application quality 
demonstration project
ACP 4500 Bright Silver
2004 Xinjiang Turpan International 
China building application quality
demonstration project
ACP 5000 Bright Silver
2006 Hangzhou Jiahua International
Business Center
Zhejiang Architecture Decoration 
Xihu Cup
Solid panel 11000 Bright Silver
2006 Hangzhou Xihu Gymnasium Zhejiang Architecture Decoration
Xihu Cup
Solid panel 10000 Bright Silver
2007 CCTV One of the world's top ten 
architectural wonders(Time Magazine)Asia's
biggest TV carriers
Solid panel 35000 Black/Silver
2007 Beijing Capital International 
One of the world's top ten 
architecturalwonders(Time Magazine)
Solid panel 14000 Grey
2007 Beijing contemporary Wan 
Guo City
One of the world's top ten 
architectural wonders(Time
Solid panel 5000 Black/Copper
2007 Hanzhou Dongfang Runyuan One of China's top ten most 
extreme luxury of 2007
Solid panel 200000 Silver/White/Blue
2008 Hangzhou Samsung Shopping
Zhejiang Architecture Decoration
Qianjiang Cup
Solid panel 20000 Black Blue
2008 Liaocheng People's Hospital Luban award Solid panel 18000 Silver/White
2008 Suzhou commercial inspection
and Quarantine Bureau
Luban award ACP,Solid
20000 White
2008 Science and Technology Park 
of China Mining University
Jiangsu Golden Cup award Solid panel 21000 Bone White
2009 Three Issues of Beijing 
Country Trade Building
China building application quality
demonstration project, The Tallest
Building of Beijing,The world's
largest world trade center
Solid panel 86000 Sub Silver
2009 Xianyang international airport
Hancheng Toll
China building application quality
demonstration project
ACP 4300 Sub Silver
2009 Chian Petroleum Building Luban Award Solid panel 50000 Black silver/Champagne
2009 Tianjin Jinbin Building Luban Award Solid panel 15000 Bright Silver
2009 Shenyang Custom Operation Builing Luban Award Solid panel 3800 White
2009 Qingdao Zhuoting Plaza Luban Award Solid panel 4000 Dark Champagne
2009 Beijing ChinaRailway Building National excellent project award Solid panel 6000 White
2010 Jiangxi Gongqingcheng Railway Station Luban Award Solid panel 4000 Grey/White
2010 Shanghai Expo Performing Center Magnolia Cup, Luban Award Solid panel 4000 Silver
2010 Tianjin Meijiang Exhibition Center Luban Award Solid panel 9800 Milk Yellow
2010 Tianjin Jinta North China's tallest building Solid panel 26000 Bright Silver
2010 Taizhou Medical Center Asia's largestExhibition of unique
Chinese medicine trading center
Solid panel 35000 Bright Silver
2011 Hubei fanhai international Central China's tallest building Solid panel 15000 Marble color
2012 Lanzhou University natatorium Gansu Feitian Award Solid panel 5000 Bright Silver
2012 Ganshu International
Exhibition Center
Gansu Feitian Award Solid panel 25000 Bright Silver
2012 United Nations Industrial
Development Organization
solar technology center
of Gansu province
Gansu Feitian Award Solid panel 4000 Bright Silver
2012 Chengdudong Railway Station Luban Award Solid panel 60000 White
2013 Shangri-La Hotel Tibet  Luban Award Solid panel 7000 red yellow
2013 Xinjiang Autonomous Region Party Committee Office Tianshan cup Solid panel 12000 Bright Silver